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"Energy Master Jason Taylor Morgan is the energy healer's energy healer and teacher. His skills, knowledge, and mastery of energy are often awe-inspiring. Since bursting on the advanced consciousness scene in 2012, his explorations, discoveries, and creations in 5D Human Evolution, Emotional Trauma Healing and the Rising 5D Self are way ahead of the curve."   PARADIGM SHIFT MAGAZINE

Are You Ready for a 5d ASCENDING LIFE!

A Healthy, Balanced Spiritual and Emotional Life!   A Life Reconceived and Recreated!   A 5D Mind, 5D Emotions and 5D Consciousness!   Are you ready to HEAL, SHIFt AND EVOLVE!

jason taylor morganWelcome to my website universe! My name is JASON TAYLOR MORGAN. I am a master teacher, healer and guide to assist you on your magnificent journey to 5D Human Evolution. For the last ten years, my mission on this planet has been and is to help spiritually, consciously and energetically advancing people to Heal, Shift and Evolve. To rise to new levels of everyday, livable 5D Emotional Consciousness, 5D Self and Life Mastery, 5D Energetics, 5D Spirituality and 5D Consciousness. I have been an innovator, a creator and a leader in high-frequency human evolution.

With clients and students worldwide, my work is a uniquely advanced. I will take you on a magnificent, life-changing energetic journey to Deep Core Inner Healing and 5D Growth on every level of your life. This is bold, exciting, personalized, and utterly life-changing energy work, and your opportunity to work with a true Energy Master.

Although your options are endless, I have simplified the presentation of my work to three progressively more advanced levels of ASCENDING LIFE™ Energy Work: 1. JTM Emotional Trauma Healing. 2. Quantum Flow Self & Life jason taylor morganRenewal. 3. 5D Ascending Life. Your work with me can flow through one or all of them depending on your needs, desires, and goals. Since healing and evolving is a process, I only offer multi-session program work by cell phone or Skype. It is session-to-session evolutionary self and life change that Heals Your Past, Empowers Your Present and Evolves You Into the Future. For PRICING information CLICK HERE.

Your work with me is deeply experiential, free form and spontaneous. You will feel it changing you, empowering you. My instincts, knowledge, and energetic abilities are such that I always know what to do, where to take you, what to teach you and how to challenge, motivate and support you. Your journey to healing and transformation and your ever-Ascending Life unfold over time. "The entire Universe is his palette. Jason Taylor Morgan is an artist with energy."

To get a feel for what my clients and students think about their experience with me, please CLICK HERE. Once again, welcome. If you feel so compelled, I would love to talk to you about working with me. 



The categories below are profound self and life-changing paths you can take. They, also, show you the vast breadth, depth and evolutionary scope of Jason's work. Your journey into the energetics 5D Human Evolution - based on 'your' needs, 'your' desires and 'your' goals - will be uniquely and purposefully your own. TAKE YOUR TIME AND EXPLORE ALL WE HAVE TO OFFER...


jason taylor morgan
  • Return to feeling hopeful, motivated, determined.
  • Release and find closure your traumatic past.
  • Realign your emotions and mind.
  • Reevaluate your relationships and choices.
  • Rebalance your brain chemistry.
  • Re-establish your new and natural emotional/mental self and life 'baseline.'
  • Return to trusting yourself and controlling your behavior. 
  • Redirect the course of your life in exciting new directions.
  • Reclaim your healthy, happy self.
  • Reappreciate your sensitivity.
  • Reframe your dreams and goals.
  • Restore your confidence, faith, and self-trust.
  • Return to the world on your terms.



JTM TRAUMA HEALING: Healing the Damaged Self

Jason has an international reputation as a powerful master healer of emotional trauma from childhood sexual, emotional and physical abuse and emotional trauma of any kind.

Although he works with many men, Jason Taylor Morgan is a committed advocate of Feminism and the healing and empowerment of the Sacred Feminine and Female Human Consciousness. It can be said he specializes in working with women ... deep emotional healing ... the redefinition of self ... the empowerment and self-empowerment of their feminine consciousness and power ... their transformation to their most purposeful, dynamic, balanced and ever-evolving self and lives. He has worked successfully with hundreds of women over the years.  

He is a compassionate and wise healer, teacher and guide who helps people regain their healthy sense of self. Come out of the dark. Regain their emotional footing. Transform their old darkness and memories to new evolutionary energies and new goals and dreams. To read an article on the dangers of advanced spirituality without healing and shifting emotionally, CLICK HERE.  

This is powerful and challenging work. Jason will be with you every step of the way.  ARE YOU READY TO HEAL YOUR PAST & RECLAIM & RECREATE YOUR SELF?


  • Remove blocks and fear.
  • Remove familial, societal, religious mental programs.
  • Remove negative, inaccurate, co-dependent beliefs.
  • Heal and reclaim your Core Self.
  • Reach new emotional and mental clarity and flow.
  • Reassess your life's dynamics, relationships, personal and professional aspirations.
  • Explore a new sense of independence and life flow.
  • Make new positive choices, new decisions.
  • Embrace the best of you. Shift and change the rest.
  • Find your Deep Truth and your Infinite Self.
  • Explore and Rise with your new 5D emotional consciousness.
  • Explore passionately your new Self.
  • Reexplore spirituality, consciousness, energetics from this new place of independence.
  • Live passionately your new life.


This is the magnificently transformational middle ground between JTM Trauma Healing and 5D Ascending Life. This is where most people begin their work with Jason.

A breath-taking high-frequency transformation and renewal journey of self and life redefinition. It is the exploration, discovery, and mastery of one’s 5D Self, and learning to change energetically the negative dynamics of your mind, your emotions, your self-worth. Also, you change your patterns, your behavior, your beliefs, your memories, your relationships, your relationship with human life.

You learn the energetics to heal, shift and evolve yourself, yourself. YOU LEARN AND LIVE 5D EMOTIONAL CONSCIOUSNESS.

You heal what needs healing. You find what needs finding.  You change what needs changing. You let go of the past. You create a new Quantum Flow Life Path of your own design.

This is truly advanced, timely and utterly life-changing work!  


  • Explore your new Infinite Self.
  • Explore the 5D brain, mind, emotions, senses, consciousness, energetics, multidimensionality.
  • Move beyond 'human-centric' thinking.
  • Explore nonphysical reality.
  • Explore and learn the secrets of the energetic Universe.
  • Explore 5D spirituality and 5D universal consciousness.
  • Learn 5D energy alchemy.
  • Evolve on fast forward.
  • Create your reality.


5D ASCENDING LIFE ALIGNMENT journeys into the heights, depths, and dimensions within you and the heights, depths, and dimensions of high-frequency spirituality and consciousness, and the energetics of 5D human evolution.

This is work for truly energetically advanced, inspired and fearless people who are feeling the pull, the call, the activation of the Great Shifts and, until now, were not sure how to respond to it. People who are ready to leave the metaphysics, mass beliefs, human masters and co-dependency of New Age Spirituality behind!

**This work expands and raises the frequencies of your Brain! Your Mind! Your Emotions! Your Senses! Your Imagination! Your Intellect! Your Energetics! Your Multidimensionality! Your 3rd Eye! Your Spirituality! And, Your Consciousness! new 5D levels. You learn 5D Energy Alchemy. You evolve on fast forward!**

ASCENDING LIFE is light-years ahead of its time. This is pioneering 5-D Human Evolution highest frequency energy work. Everything about you and your life will rise!

Are You Ready to Work with a Modern Master? Serious Inquiries Only Please - Jason Taylor Morgan would love to hear from you.

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