Multidimensional Energy Healer and Quantum Energy Master Jason Taylor Morgan

With clients and students worldwide, Jason Taylor Morgan is an internationally recognized multi-dimensional consciousness and spirituality explorer and teacher. He is a leading-edge emotional trauma healer specializing in recovery from childhood sexual, emotional and physical abuse or emotional trauma of any kind. He is a powerful energy alchemist, and 5D Ascending Life & Self Change teacher, and guide.

Born with a magnificently natural understanding of advanced consciousness, the nonphysical world, energy and frequency dynamics, multidimensionality, sacred energetics, "Jason is one of the most innovative and powerful energy professionals working today." 

A novelist with four published books, writer, speaker, and popular coast-to-coast seminar and workshop leader (50 events conducted between 2012 - 2015), he is the creator of multiple multidimensional evolutionary energy systems new to the earth, including Starpoint Energetics™, Quantum ReVisioning™, InnerDimensional Dynamics, Ascending Life Emotional Trauma Healing™, The Universal Human, ZeroFrequency Consciousness.

Jason spent five years on the road, 2010 - 2015, traveling throughout America on an epic personal and spiritual journey. 42 states. 22,000 miles. Hundreds of motels. Hundreds of people. Even one year in an RV. He lived for extended times in Mount Shasta and Ojai CA, Sedona and Lake Havasu AZ, Santa Fe and Taos NM, throughout the Southwest, The Shenandoah Valley VA and Bucks County PA. The result of his travels: the novel O'ROURKE, THE MEDICINE MAN available on Amazon, B&N, and other online retailers.

Jason's unique work is 'next generation 5 D Human Evolution.' He calls it 5D Human Consciousness for the Real World!

Known as the teacher for teachers and healer for healers ... he specializes in working with spiritually, consciously and energetically advanced, fearless, inspired and inspiring people.