Multidimensional Energy Healer and Quantum Energy Master Jason Taylor Morgan

With clients and students worldwide, Jason Taylor Morgan is an internationally recognized multi-dimensional consciousness and spirituality explorer and teacher. He is a leading-edge emotional trauma healer specializing in recovery from childhood sexual, emotional and physical abuse or emotional trauma of any kind. He is a powerful energy alchemist, and 5D Ascending Life & Self Change teacher, and guide.

Born with a magnificently natural understanding of advanced consciousness, the nonphysical world, energy and frequency dynamics, multidimensionality, sacred energetics, "Jason is one of the most innovative and powerful energy professionals working today." 

A novelist, writer, speaker, and popular coast-to-coast seminar and workshop leader, he is the creator of multiple multidimensional evolutionary energy systems new to the earth, including Starpoint Energetics™, Quantum ReVisioning™, InnerDimensional Dynamics, Ascending Life Emotional Trauma Healing™, The Universal Human, ZeroFrequency Consciousness.

Jason's unique work is 'next generation 5 D Human Evolution.' He calls it 5D Human Consciousness for the Real World!

Jason's work is invitation-only. Known as the teacher for teachers and healer for healers ... he specializes in working with spiritually, consciously and energetically advanced, fearless, inspired and inspiring people.