(Before you contact Jason, please read our Policies & Liability page fully and be in agreement with its statements.  ...Click Here to go to the page.)

ASCENDING LIFE is a journey of great originality, exploration, and transformation. You experience it either in a 3-session ($625), 5-session ($975), 7-session ($1,175), 11-session ($1,775) or 21-session ($2,575) program. Or, a 3-session ($600) Deep Emotional Healing Program. The work is conducted in weekly sessions by cell phone or Skype. The sessions are 60 - 90 minutes in length. While Jason's clients and students are free to choose the number of sessions they prefer, most people work with Jason long-term with a 21-session program - to which he will gift you with two extra sessions at no charge.   

**To help keep his work financially manageable for a greater amount of people, Jason has kept the pricing the same for the last five years. His fees could be considerably higher. He scales the pricing - the more sessions the greater the discount.**

Your experience begins with a no charge Compatibility Consultation. This is NOT a 'free session.' It is a pleasant conversation. It is only offered to extraordinary people who Jason feels are perfect for the work. If all goes well and both parties feel the flow, you will be invited to ASCENDING LIFE. If there is a waiting list, you will work out the logistics with him.

Please do not purchase a program until you have spoken with Jason.



Respectfully said, please ONLY inquire if you are seriously considering working with me and have the required funding. Please tell me about yourself and what draws you to my work. PLEASE write thoughtfully and with some detail. I will not answer vague or ingenuine messages. I will get back to you in 48 hours. After you send your message, you will receive confirmation so you know I received it. Thank you for your interest.  ~JTM

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