3D to 5D Shift

Push the boundaries of 3D human life and shift into 5D living!



Jason Taylor Morgan

CREATOR OF MULTIPLE ADVANCED MULTI-D ENERGY SYSTEMS NEW TO THE EARTH, JASON IS A MODERN MYSTIC, a true Multi-D energy master and alchemist with the gift of working with energy in profound and evolutionary ways.

With clients and students world-wide, Jason is a healer for healers and teacher for teachers who specializes in working with spiritual and energetic professionals and inspired, visionary individuals. His work has great scope emotionally, spiritually, consciously, dimensionally.

A passionate, relentless explorer of energy and human evolution, he has dedicated his life to helping energetically gifted people to heal, shift, evolve and ‘illuminate’ in rhythm with the Great Shifts of Consciousness that are breaking down 3-D mental and spiritual constructs and empowering glorious 5-D Human Evolution. 

Jason’s work is on the cutting edge of human evolution. One of his great skills when working with people is the ability to be extremely focused and precise with language, energy, and intention to find what needs finding, to shift what needs shifting, while at the same time being acutely aware of and working with energetic shifts and flows and masterful in creating that movement. He is able to bridge many ways of being, including the emotional, practical, grounded, material life with the expansive, unlimited, vast universal and divine mysteries.

He heals the deep emotional wounds, removes the mental programs, finds the inner Core, creates the shifts, offers wisdom and knowledge, and takes his clients and students on the spiritual, consciousness and energetic evolutionary healing and growth journey of their lives! No aspect is left behind in this work. It is, by all definitions, ‘wholistic’ high frequency life change.

And spiritual, intuitive and energy professionals? Jason will teach you multidimensional energetics so you rise above modalities and learned systems. You find your full professional power. You learn to use energy from new and highly evolved sources, instinctively and spontaneously, and create your own unique high frequency 5-D signature energy work.  

“Jason is an extraordinary teacher and guide. He uses the whole Universe as his energy palette. His work with me has been both a return to the pure, deep core of my being, lost through trauma when I was young, and an elevation in multidimensional and spiritual consciousness. He taught me how to reach 5-D energies to heal, shift and evolve myself. Which, as I expand, I now use to great effect in my professional work. His work is an amazing journey.” Stella Leigh, Mystic & Energy Healer, Los Angeles, CA  

starseed-psychic-geometryJason works with people individually in single session experiences or over time in a teacher/student capacity. 

Jason’s work is timely, deeply meaningful and life-changing. Take your time and explore our website. Not everyone will resonate with Jason’s work. He knows that. But if you do, your journey into the energies of Universal Mind and the Divine Mind and high frequency Human Evolution will be magnificent! Ready to Heal, Shift and Rise? Yes? Click Here.