3D to 5D Shift

Push the boundaries of 3D human life and shift into 5D living!

Welcome to the Web Site of Energy Master, Healer, Modern Mystic and Multidimensional Energetics and Illumination Consciousness Creator and Teacher Jason Taylor Morgan!

“Human life in 2014 has entered an age of exhilarating exploration of humanity’s next levels of spirituality, consciousness, healing, energy and multidimensionality. We can create an entirely new human experience – The ‘Illuminating Human.’ It is my honor to assist you on this magnificent evolutionary journey.

My goal with Advanced Evolutionary Energetics™ is to offer spiritually and consciously evolving people a decisive next step beyond New Age spirituality by providing powerful energetic paths to profound evolutionary change on every level of your being.


Jason Taylor MorganThe 3rd Dimension is falling away. This is the most exciting time in human evolutionary history as many of us who are rising into new levels of high vibration begin to shift into 5th Dimensional experience, what I am calling Illumination Consciousness: A Human experience created with pure multidimensional energy, pure free will, pure Universal self-discovery, pure spirituality and consciousness and pure 3-D to 5-D Human Evolution – leading to an ‘Illuminating Human’ Life.

For the last three years, I have been creating this powerful work and working with people all over the world on how to take the next step in energetic human evolution.  We can create an entirely new human experience as ‘Illuminating Humans’. With stunning energetic elevation and expansion from within: our Inner Universe – and from without: the Outer Universe – we can learn to self-heal and self-recreate.  And as we rise emotionally, dimensionally and consciously, we begin to evolve as ‘next generation’ 5-D human beings. 

Our brains, our minds, our emotions, our senses, our energetics, our consciousness – even our spirituality – as well as our sense of self, dimensional experiences of existence far beyond human life and our personal human experience energetically explode beyond the confines of 3-D brain and mind, 3-D emotions, 3-D self and our 3-D past.  We flow profoundly and steadily into 5-D human experience. 

This work is not for everyone.  It rises above the dense and belief-strewn energies of the New Age.  It is not just energy healing or an elevation of consciousness. This is ground-breaking Evolutionary Energetics work where every aspect of our human experience and ourselves begin to rise to stunning new levels as supercharged Illuminating 5-D Humans!

“I invite you to reach your spiritual, emotional and energetic potential in this lifetime, and then push through that to reach your most magnificently evolved self!”

energy-return012Who are Illuminating Humans?  

You – if you are spiritually and energetically fearless and feeling called, even driven, to go beyond New Age modalities and explore human life’s next extraordinary and evolutionary levels of spirituality, consciousness, healing, energy and multidimensionality.  

You - if you feel now is your time to:

  • Transform your emotional trauma and wounding, and the conditioning, behavior, fear, blocks, beliefs, pain of your past to new emotional, mental and energetic clarity, balance and brilliance of your present!
  • Experience a profound shift from unpredictable and challenging 3-D Human Emotions to harmony, freedom, wisdom and flow of 5-D Emotional Consciousness!
  • Make deep, courageous and powerful inner changes to your whole being, and shift and recreate your life’s dynamics and rise into wholeness, expansion and flow!
  • Reach new and powerful levels of pure ‘Illumination’ Consciousness, Spirituality and Energetics!
  • Discover your Inner Alchemist, Inner Voyager, Inner Consciousness, Inner Universe, the Core of Your Being, your Deep Truth, your True Purpose!
  • Explore and Expand your Multidimensional Self … and Explore the Multidimensional Universe!
  • Evolve from 3-D to 5-D on many levels of your being, and learn 5-D Self-Mastery, Energy Alchemy and Multidimensional Energetics!

You can begin with a singleIllumination Power Session to get a feel for the work.  If, after the Power Session, you want to continue with a program, the Power Session is no charge. Want to get started with a program? Click Here!  

Jason offers Private Session Work and Group Work, and conducts Workshops and Master Courses throughout the country.

For a no charge Compatibility Consultation, Click Here to get started! Jason works with people world-wide by cell phone and Skype.

(Some of the graphics on this site are by visionary artist Janoosh and by visionary artist Marius Michael-George.)